DIY Tufted Pin Cushions

Tufted Pin Cushion Featured Image

One of the hazards of living with me is stepping on pins and needles I leave laying around.

I’ve tried pin cushions but never liked any of them (for superficial reasons). They’ve always been one of my ‘ugly necessities’ (you know those objects you have to have to do your job but are only available in the ugliest shades).




Fabric (I used a plain white cotton)

Sewing Machine

Button Kit (You can buy it at your local fabric store or online)

Hand Sewing Needle

Thread (colour corresponding with fabric)

Toy Filling

Pin Cushion Pattern (download here)


Here’s how I made it…

1. Print pin cushion patterns (here) and cut out.

2. Copy patterns onto fabric (don’t forget to mark the centre dot on both squares to make the button positioning easier later on – you can do this by poking a sharp pencil through the centre of the X mark on your pattern)

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 3

3. Cut out all the pieces (You will have 2 squares and 4 rectangles).

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 4

4. Sew all the shorter ends of the rectangles together, leaving the last two for the next step (remember to backstitch all beginning and ending seams).

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 5

5. Sew the last two rectangles together leaving a gap in the centre (don’t forget to backstitch!).

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 6

6. Now, press all the seams open taking extra care on the one with the gap (this will help when stitching it closed in later steps).

7. Pin one of your squares to the rectangle strip, making sure all centres are aligned. Remember to have the right sides facing each other.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 8

8. Start sewing the square to your rectangle strip. You will need to carefully ease the corners. *TIP* Start sewing 0.5cm from the edge and start curving your seams one stitch before the next 0.5cm mark.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 9

9. This is how it should look after one square is sewn on!

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 10

10. Now, sew the other square onto the other side.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 11

11. Clip your corners carefully.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 12

12. Now flip it right side out through the gap you made in Step 5.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 13

13. And stuff it with toy filling. Try to stuff it almost to capacity because you want your pins to stay but you also need to leave some space so you can tuft it!

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 14

14. Sew the gap closed using a blind stitch.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 15

15. Make two buttons out of the fabric you used for the cushions. *I didn’t provide button making instructions because I bought my button making ‘gadget’ on an overseas trip and it looks nothing like the button kits in fabric stores! There are lots of button making instructions online using the normal button kits so if you’re having trouble just have a look around*

16. Thread your needle and tie a BIG knot at the end of your thread. Try to use a thick thread or doubling up with thinner thread as this requires quite a lot of pulling.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 17

17. Poke your needle through one side of your cushion where you’ve marked the centre dot.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 18

18. Your needle should go all the way through to the other side, coming out at the other centre dot.

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 19

19. Attach one of your buttons and pull as tight as you can.

20. While holding the tension, go back through to the other side and attach the other button.

21. Pull as tight as you can to create the ‘tuft’ and secure the knot and hide underneath the button  (You can sew from one side to the other a couple more times to make an even tighter and more evident tuft).

Tufted Pin Cushion Step 22

22. Done!


Now you can make them in different colours to suit every mood! I made one for every room I work in so now I don’t have to remember to carry them around AND they coordinate with the decor in each room!