DIY Donut Garland with Paint Chips

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

This week I decided to brighten up my room and what’s more colourful than a donut garland! These are ridiculously easy to make and cost absolutely nothing.

Oh, and I recommend making these during the day when you can run out and buy some donuts because that’s exactly what these made me do!

Let’s get started!



Paint Chips (In a donut-y colour and whatever icing colour you please)

Decorations (I used flat back diamantes but you can use real sprinkles, sequins, beads, confetti, or cut out sprinkles from paint chips. Be creative!)



Glue Stick


Donut Garland Pattern


1. Cut out your donut patterns.

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

2. Place your donut pattern onto paint chip colours of your choice and cut them out (I made 12 donuts in 4 different colours).

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

3. Glue your ‘donut icing’ to your ‘donut’.

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

4. Decorate!

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

5. Repeat steps 1-4 with your remaining donuts.

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

6. To string them, tape each donut 10 cm apart and leave a 25cm tail on both ends of your garland for hanging.

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

DIY Donut Garland Tutorial

Happy baking!

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  • movita beaucoup

    So sweet! (See what I did there?)

  • Neeno Brown

    I love it!! Donuts and decorations?? Where can you get a better combo?? Absolute GENIUS! I’ll get my sister to make me one!