Happy New Year & DIY Date Jar!

DIY Date Jars Tutorial

I apologise for being MIA since Christmas, but life has been CRAZY. The new year came with some bad – but mostly good and great things. Now I’m back with a lovely new DIY to spice up your lives!

Whether you have a new man and you’ve run out of date ideas because he’s taken you on a bunch of crazy adventures and fulfilled all your desires and you haven’t had time to dream up new ones; or you just want to spice up your relationship, I’ve got you covered!

So let’s fix this and start your year off with 60 dates that will get your blood rushing, heart hammering and love blooming!

Now, every time anyone says ‘let’s do something’ without an idea in mind, you can pick an envelope out of the Date Jar and you HAVE to do it… Of course there’s weather restrictions and you can just put the envelope back and pick another one (but there’s something about going fishing in the rain that sounds totally romantic), so maybe just do it depending on how sensible you are.


What you’ll need:

A jar (I used an old candle jar)

Patterned Card (I used gold and blush pink)



Date Card Printout [1] [2]

Date Card Envelopes [Here]

Jar Decorations [Here]


1. Print and cut out Date Card Printouts.

2. Print Date Card Envelopes on the reverse side of your patterned paper and cut out.

DIY Date Jar Tutorial Step 3

3. Fold all your envelopes.

DIY Date Jar Tutorial Step 4

4. To assemble envelopes, fold the two side flaps together then fold the bottom flap up and glue.

5. Repeat with remaining envelopes.

DIY Date Jar Tutorial Step 6

6. Slip a date card in each envelope.

DIY Date Jar Tutorial Step 7

7. Dab a bit of glue in the centre and seal your envelope.

DIY Date Jar Tutorial Step 8

8. To decorate the jar, cut out the circular ‘date card’ and glue it to the bottom of your jar (that’s your final date!)

DIY Date Jar

9. Then cut out you’re chosen label, paste it on some patterned card and paste onto the front of your jar.


That’s it!

Now, go and have some fun!