Christmas DIY Week 4/8: Gift Box & Bow Printable

Christmas Gift Bow & Bow DIY

This week’s DIY is super quick and easy! All you have to do is print out the printable and glue it all together.

You can fill them with sweets, little gifts or anything you please. Use them as party favours or make a bunch of them to decorate your home.

The possibilities are endless, and I’ve done all the work, all you have to do is enjoy them!

Merry Nearly Christmas!

DIY Gift Box Tutorial


Card (A4 Size)


Glue Stick

Gift Box Printable (1) (2)

Bow Printable


1. Print all three printables on A4 card.

2. Cut out the gift boxes (remember to cut off all the outlines, they’re only there as guides).

3. Fold along all fold lines.

4. Spread glue on all flaps labeled GLUE.

5. Stick the box together!

Gift Box & Bow DIY

For the bow, follow the instructions provided on the printable. Then, glue the bow on the lid of the box and you’re done!

DIY Gift Box With Bow

Christmas DIY Week 3/8: Mini Christmas Tree Piñata

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

This week’s tutorial is this cute mini Christmas tree piñata! You can use them as place cards for your Christmas dinner or as small gifts for your guests. You can even skip the ‘flap’ part and use them as decorations!

It’s a ridiculously affordable project since most of the materials you’ll need, you will have at home anyway. I even included a flap at the bottom of the tree so your guests don’t have to break your pretty piñatas to get to their candy!


Now, here’s what you’ll need…


White Tissue Paper

Gold Cellophane


Hot Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Double Sided Tape

Cardboard (I used an old cardboard box)

Card (You can use a cereal box)

Christmas Tree Pattern


How to:


[Preparing the Foundation]

1. Print the Christmas Tree Pattern and cut out.

2. Trace your Christmas tree onto your cardboard, you will need two.

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

3. Cut out your trees. Line them up with each other to make sure they match, trim any extra bits.

4. Cut a strip of card 1 1/4” wide and as long as possible.

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

5. Starting at the bottom of the tree, spread hot glue on the side of your cardboard tree and start shaping the strip of card to fit the tree. Leave the bottom unglued and don’t cut any excess card yet!

6. Now glue the other tree onto the other side in the same way to make it into a 3D tree (also leaving 1” unglued at the end).

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

7. Cut the excess card so that there is a slight overlap over the start of your card strip. This flap is for your lollies!


[Preparing the Tissue Paper & Cellophane]

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

A. For the white tissue paper, I cut 1 1/2” strips of tissue, folded them in half and then cut slits on the folded half (this gives the tissue paper more volume).

DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial

B. For the gold cellophane, I cut them into 3/4” strips and then cut slits.


[To decorate]

1. If your tissue is a bit thin (like mine) and your cardboard shows through, glue white paper over the cardboard first.

2. Starting at the bottom of your tree, wrap the gold strips around the trunk. I used two strips of gold, spaced 3/8” apart.

3. Next, you move up to the ‘tree’ part and start glueing strips of white tissue 3/8” apart. I did the front, back and sides all separately to get this look.

4. To finish, cut a 7/8” by 1 1/4” gold rectangle and place on your flap (so that it looks good from every angle!)

Christmas Tree Pinata Tutorial


DIY Christmas Tree Pinata Tutorial Pinterest

Christmas DIY Week 2/8: Paint Chip Gift Tags with Free Printable

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

Gift tags can easily be overlooked when wrapping gifts even though they’re the first thing you look at when you receive a gift (hmm, who gave me this adorable mug). Maybe it’s because there’s not much choice in stores for us creative souls!


With these tags, you can use whatever colour you want to add that pop of colour. You can even use wrapping paper so your gift tags match your wrapped present!


I had a lot of fun designing these tags so I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did!



Paper (I used 120gsm)

Box Cutter and Cutting Mat


Hole Punch

Gift Tags Printable

Red Paint Chips or any Patterned/Coloured Card

Red Ribbon


How to:

1. Print the Gift Tags Printable.

2. Cut all tags and pattern out. Remember to cut the outlines off!

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

3. Cut all red coloured sections out, try to leave the gold outline if possible (it will highlight the red much more).

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

4. Fold them in half.

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

5. Trace the ‘Paint Chip Pattern’ on the back of your paint chip.

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

6. Cut out your traced paint chips.

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

7. Glue the paint chip between the back and front of your tags (line it up with the bottom of your tag).

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

8. Glue the top (with the cut outs) to the paint chip. Remember to always spread glue on the side with the cut outs (if you spread it on the paint chip you will see the glue through the cut outs).

9. Hole punch the top of your tag using the x-mark as a guide.

DIY Paint Chip Christmas Gift Tags

10. Add a ribbon, and you’re done!


May your presents be so pretty that no one will want to open them!

Christmas DIY Week 1/8: Paper Garland

Paper Christmas Garland Tutorial

I’ve been looking forward to my 8 Weeks of Christmas instalment for weeks now, and it’s finally time!

For this week’s DIY, I thought what better way to get into the spirit of Christmas then to start decorating your home. This garland is ridiculously easy to make and looks amazing when hung up!

All you need to do is cut and glue some paper which makes it the perfect Christmas activity to enjoy with your children, friends or your handsome hubby.

I chose to use plain white paper because I’m feeling a white Christmas this year but they also look great with alternating colours or patterned Christmas paper!


Now, what you’ll need…



120gsm Paper (7 A4 Pages.




Cutting Mat & Box Cutter (Optional)

Paper Christmas Pattern


To make:


1. Print the Paper Christmas Pattern (here)

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial

2. Trace the shapes onto paper. To make the garland pictured you will need to cut 108 stars, 24 of Ornament A and 24 of Ornament B.


*TIP* For the Ornaments A&B I folded the paper in half and for the stars I cut 4 at once using a cutting mat and a box cutter.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 3

3. Cut them all out.

4. If they aren’t already folded in half, fold all your shapes in half.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 5

5. Take one shape and spread glue on one half.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 6

6. Pick up another piece of the same shape and place on top. Slide it around until the sides line up.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial

7. Repeat until you’ve glued six together.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial

8. Flip it over to the spine and apply a piece of double sided tape on the spine reaching from the top to the bottom.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 9

9. Take your twine and place the tip on the spine. Twirl it upwards and make a small loop for hanging then twirl it back down and cut. Press the twine down firmly so it sticks to the spine (The smaller the loop, the more easily it will stay in place on your garland).

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 10

10. Glue the remaining two sides of the ornament together.

Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial Step 11

11. Now repeat with the rest of your pieces. You should end up with 8 ornaments (4 of A and 4 of B) and 18 stars. (To make the string of stars, you just need to use the same method of adding the twine to the spine and space each star 2cm apart with only the top one having a loop.)

12. Now all you need to do is assemble the garland. I followed this pattern:

Ornament A, Stars, Ornament B, Stars, Ornament A, Stars, Ornament B, Stars, Ornament A, Stars, Ornament B, Stars, Ornament A, Stars, Ornament B.

Christmas Paper Garland

I spaced mine 6cm apart and on the same twine I used for the ornaments and stars. If you want to keep the ornaments in place you can place a small amount of double sided tape at the intervals or tie a knot there. I find that if you make the loops quiet small on the ornaments, they will stay in place on the twine and you will have the freedom of moving them around.


I hope you enjoyed making these with your loved ones (you know they really love you when they’re willing to cut 108 stars for you)!

See you back here next week for Week 2 of my 8 Weeks of Christmas!